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Expert Cleaning of Oilfield Equipment near Laredo, TX

Expert Cleaning of Oilfield Equipment near Laredo, TX

We got an urgent call three weeks in a row to drive 6 hours to Laredo, TX to clean the coolers and radiators for fracking rigs and blenders. The calls came at odd hours, and we loaded up with supplies and water, and drove from College Station to the Rio Grand Valley. At the Fracking site, the heat, drought, and dust had clogged the coolers and shut down the rigs.

For this Industrial Cleaning, we used our Hot Water Pressure Washer which delivers 8 GPM of almost 200ºF at the right pressure to effectively wash away the dust and oil covering the fins without damaging them. We carried our own water to the site, and worked through the night and into the next day to get the rigs running again.

Our experience and state of the art equipment enables us to get things done. And we're willing to go anywhere in Texas to do it. We'll meet our customers' needs and keep then up and running.

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Hot water pressure washing, water hauling, surfactants and degreasers, and determination to work until finished

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